Pat Wiley


Joe Standish is the host of the afternoon show.  In addition to hosting afternoons, he also takes care of many of the technical details behind the scenes of the radio station.  He grew up in Billings, MT, and developed an interest in radio at an early age by building a small radio station as a hobby when he was a kid.

Later, he moved to Rapid City to go to college at SDSM&T.  Joe started his on air experience by working part time at one of our sister stations.  Since then he's worked at the three of our radio stations in Rapid City in various capacities.

Joe's been married to Katie for over 13 years and they stay pretty busy with their two daughters, Evie & Amelia, and their three pets!  Joe's family is growing with the expectancy of their their third child.  He enjoys hiking, music, computers, grilling and cooking, running, and eating great food.

It's very excited to Joe to be able to serve such a graceful and amazing God, who never fails to amaze and challenge him.  Build your faith with Joe in the afternoons, Monday - Saturday from 2:00-6:00pm.